"Thanks be unto for his unspeakable gift ."

2 Corinthians 9:15

Dear Lord

Still , I don't know you much .

But I just know you live in somewhere .

I really want to thank you that you bring me to the new stage of life .

Let me meet the new frineds whom you teach them well .

And I cherish the relationship with them well ,too .

So I pray . 

Pray for don't  forget them . 

Pray for to give me more hint let me know more about you and keep you in my mind .

Cause , the frist connection between us is you .

Without you , I could not have them in my life .

Here is a song called " mighty to save "

Yes , I believe that you are mighty to save and even kind to give . 

Yep , I enjoy a lot the life you give to me which let me feel  more joyful and beautiful .

Hence , I sincerely hope you to give me a new home when I back to my hometown Taiwan .

Pray for Jesus name . Amen .










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